Cambridge Surplus Mega Deals

Assorted Kool-Aid and Country Time Drink Mixes


These mixes allow you to add a bit of powder to water to make a refreshing beverage! I would recommend sticking to the powders located in the grocery aisle however as baby powder does not produce the desired effect…

Kit Kat Rubies 110g


Rubies are like regular Kit Kats but fancier. Like if you made a hamburger with caviar or put a top hat on a cat. The only difference is the Kit Kats won’t give you that look that says you are only embarrassing yourself…

Nestle Limited Edition Turtles


Classic - Toasted Coconut - Caramel Latte - Pecan Praline

These limited edition Turtles have four flavours but one of them is just the standard Turtles! What, you couldn’t come up with a fourth unique flavour? How about Ketchup and…Pickles…or Deep-fried Mayonnaise..Okay this is harder than it looks.

Offering a wide variety of products in all categories, Cambridge Surplus combines regular day-to-day items with an always discounted price. We also bring in fun stuff, which is whatever we can get our hands on. Whether it’s a wholesaler or manufacturer closeout, shelf pulls from major retailers, or simply a deal from the locals; if it has good value, we will bring it in. These are goodies that are “here today, gone tomorrow”  which creates an excitement that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Situated in a historic old building on the Speed River, the view is beautiful. Our diverse product lines appeal to all ages and make it a great family experience. If it’s your first visit here, be sure allow time to soak in the variety of products we have to offer, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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