Fun Stuff

cambridge-surplus-website-words-and-picturesAt Cambridge Surplus we want all of our customers to have a good shopping experience and enjoy your time with us as much as possible, perhaps you can even have a little bit of fun while you’re here- we know we do!

Holidays with the Staff

Here’s some photos of our staff enjoying the holidays together:

Our staff are also encouraged to go all out on holidays like Halloween. Even the Owners get all dressed up, so there’s no room for excuses!



If you’ve ever heard of Kelley Armstrong and her book series “Women of the Otherworld” you might have been as excited as some of our Staff when it was announced that a TV series based on the books would be filmed in Hespler. Well that’s nothing compared to how exciting it was to have an episode of Bitten filmed in our very own store! The crew and actors were amazing, and our (quite literally) 15 seconds of fame was a huge success!

Garage Sale

In the summer of 2015 we mixed things up a bit and had a massive “garage” sale that had half our parking lot full of deals on deals on deals! If you thought our regular prices were good, you wouldn’t have wanted to miss this epic (if a little rainy) event!



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